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Want to become a Sponsor of Wyoming Stagecoach Day?

Wyoming Stagecoach Day is put on by the WFDRA (Wyoming Fire Department Relief Association) which of the proceeds 80% goes towards firefighters retirement and the other 20% goes to community programs that gives money back to our community. One program is the "After the fire Program" which supports a local family after they lose their home to a fire. Another program that is covered is the flower fund that supports current or retired member or significant other that passes away, flowers will be sent on WFDRA's behalf. Lastly of that 20% we donate back to local non-profit agencies like Boy/Girl Scouts, Wyoming Elementary, Church Programs, etc.

There are sponsor levels with different benefits for each level. To receive information about the levels and the requirements for each level please email the event coordinators.

To Become a Sponsor, contact the Event Coordinators:

Travis Parson:

- or -

Kenny Hyrkas:

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