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GB Leighton LOGO.jpg

The Live Band this year is:

GB Leighton

GB Leighton, a band named after one of the regions’ most incendiary live performers and consistently solid songwriters, Brian Leighton.  Through almost three decades and fourteen albums, Leighton and his band have been tearing up rock clubs, festivals and even a few fan’s living rooms with a slew of songs that connect with the heart and couples singing along out on the dance floor.

Playtime: 8 pm - midnight

marty sonnek.jpg

Also Playing Live:

Marty Sonnek - One Man Band

Marty Sonnek is a Local who is apart of his very own one man band. He is an amazing artist with amazing music. He will be playing at Wyoming Stagecoach Day 2022 under the main tent.

Playtime: 4 pm - 7 pm

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